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Nearby Attractions

The Castle of the Counts is a medieval fortress in the city centre with charming corridors, narrow tower stairs, high rooms, and real battlements. No one has lived in the building for centuries, yet it is neither empty nor abandoned! There’s plenty to enjoy even today!

Great City Hall

Welcome to the city hall, the political heart of
Ghent since the 14th century! A cocktail of styles and influences spiced up down the centuries. It is still the administrative seat of our city, so all corners of this magnificent building hum with activity.

Design Museum Ghent

This impressive city residence in Rococo style was bought by the City of Ghent in 1922, and used it to house the Design Museum. The temporary exhibitions complement the magnificent permanent collection, from art nouveau to trends in contemporary design.
design museum.jpeg

Graslei by night

The beauty of the Graslei in Ghent brings everyone and everything to a standstill. This is the place where beautiful façades are reflected in the River Lys. Tourists and residents alike relax on either side of the water, whether dangling their legs over the quay, or sitting comfortably at a café terrace.
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